The BEATS - Beating the drum for biodiversity
The BEATS - Beating the drum for biodiversity
Ep 6. Superhero Teacher Zane Osborn and his kids go Bush

Assistant Principal Zane Osborn and his primary school kids have heaps of fun learning Maths, English, History, and Science in the garden, up trees and in the bush. In this podcast the nature-loving charity –’s – Louise Denver chats with Zane about his passion for the environment and how Zane factors sustainability into his everyday teaching.

Together his class discover why bees are so important – what pollination is and why it matters when it comes to making a delicious pizza! And the Hamilton PS kids’ chose barking owls for their special project – barking owls? And now up in Armidale, Zane and his new classes are going to explore how to protect the region’s unique long neck turtles.

This podcast is 20 minutes of pure gold! Do yourself a favour and have a listen. I promise you, you will feel really good. P.S. Zane is also working with to create a step-by-step guide for Teachers so everyone can have fun and discover how Zane and his classes approach their learning. And for a special treat you can see the Hamilton kids YouTube video series here!