The BEATS - Beating the drum for biodiversity
The BEATS - Beating the drum for biodiversity
Ep 1. A conversation with Dr Anika Molesworth

Farmer, agroecologist, citizen scientist, and the 2015 Young Farmer of the Year, Dr Anika Molesworth, shares how agriculture can really support biodiversity and is a huge part of how we can tackle climate change as well. She’s also a great storyteller.

Your hosts for this episode of Beating the Drum for Biodiversity are Celia Cavanagh and Louise Denver.

As a young girl, Anika fell in love with the red land she now farms. She was, and still is captivated by its horizons that extend forever. But the Millennial drought that started in the Year 2000, had a huge impact on her family’s farm, on the land around them out Broken Hill way, and on Anika herself.

She became a scientist because of it. She wanted to learn more, and she did. Eventually getting a PhD. At the same time, Anika built an online network: Climate Wise Agriculture.

What WE can do
Because we are all part of the food system, we can all do something about climate change. The choices we make every day at the supermarket, the food we eat and waste, are all critical choices when it comes to protecting our planet.

Find out more
Anika recommends Farmers for Climate Action, to find out more.

And ‘hot of the presses’, we get a glimpse of her brand new book Our Sunburnt Country. Filled with stories of farmers and food producers from around the world. They share sustainable and practical solutions to growing our food, protecting the land, and building our future.

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Celia and Louise