Newsletter October 2023

We’ve had heaps of fun over the past two months – in the field and behind the desk.
Meet some of the BEATS Team in this edition of our two-monthly newsletter.

Fall about laughing with Tommy on the Poo Hunt

Hang with John and the Orangutans in Borneo

Superhero Zane Goes Bush and catch his Yrs 5&6 YouTube series

Vin’s ‘Almost Viral awesome ChatGPT ‘anthropomorphic’ series

Check out Dario’s drone footage of two humpbacks playing

What’s the EPBC? And why it matters

Going on a Poo hunt with Tommy

Tommy founded the BEATS when he was camping with his mate John of Orangutan fame. He grew in the bush and despite his daytime job – he goes bush at the drop of a hat – and you should see his hats! Let’s all go on a poo hunt with Tommy. “David Attenborough Eat Your Heart Out!” in this series of hilarious video shorts.

Hang with the Orangutans

John got up close and personal with two wild orangutans in Borneo. Here a 25 year old male caught a coconut and headed up a palm tree to crack it open. The younger seven year-old male then wanted a piece of the action! On a side trip from his day job – where he uses African animals as great examples for corporate teams to better understand leadership and teamwork – John hightailed it to Borneo’s jungles to hang with our endangered close neighbours.

Superhero Zane goes Bush

Assistant Principal Zane Osborn and his primary school kids have heaps of fun learning Maths, English, Science etc. They get into the garden, up trees and out bush. Check out his 20 minute podcast here.

to find out how they discover why bees are so important, why a barking owl is endangered, and how to protect our unique long neck turtles. Zane is also working with to create a step-by-step guide for Teachers on the way he and his Hamilton Public School class approached their learning. You can see their YouTube video series here!

Almost viral – Vin’s Anthropo Antics

Vin’s series of Generative AI designed ‘anthropomorphic’ (human-like) images went viral! They are way cool!  We think Vin loved the Wombat Stew best (he’s a great cook. But his wicked sense of humour also favoured the Devil’s Chorus! These quirky Aussie critters are also endangered. Follow us on Instagram and see more on Anthropomorphism Campaign.

AI generated picture of a seahorse riding a lawnmower underwater cutting seagrass. A hashtag #horsepower is at the bottom of the picture.

Dario’s Insta whales!

Our resident drone maestro – Dario – captured this awesome footage of two humpback whales playing in Sydney Harbour.
We’ll hear more from Dario and his passion for the ocean next time as his Instagram following continues to grow – now at a whopping 21.6k followers –!

What is the EPBC? Your Action …

The central piece of Australia’s national environmental law is the EPBC – The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Professor Graeme Samuel AC and an expert panel reviewed it and made 38 recommendations in their final report. The highlights are that our environment is under threat and the Act needs fundamental reform. As well as actively planning for outcomes and sustainably restoring the environment to accommodate for our future development, we need to respect and harness the knowledge of indigenous Australians to learn how to manage the environment better. See more detail here.

Artist Bibi Barba

See you next time …

With Brian our Regeneration Farming expert and all the news on our up-coming Paint & Sip event in aid of our Koala Sanctuary