Newsletter 2023

Welcome and Thanks!!!

Welcome to our first newsletter where we give you an update on what has been up to and share stories that inspire, inform or call for action. A massive thank you as your actions in attending a BEATS event has resulted in the first Koala spotting! See our feature article on Trees4Nature article below.

Trees4Nature takes off

Heartfelt thanks to those who took part in our hugely successful first BEATS Amazing Race and Paint ‘n Sip group activities. We had over 200 submissions and raised over $500, We donated to a fantastic koala corridor regeneration initiative in northern NSW, which is going ahead in leaps and bounds thanks to the efforts of people like you. Find out more here.

Anthropomorphic Antics!

We’re experimenting! We’re posting a series of AI designed anthropomorphic images in an unusual social media campaign. (What’s anthropomorphism, you ask? It’s giving human characteristics to animals.) Check out our Insta page and choose your top three favourites by liking or commenting and follow us on: Instagram @thebeats_org

AI generated picture of a seahorse riding a lawnmower underwater cutting seagrass. A hashtag #horsepower is at the bottom of the picture.

A Whale of a Story!

The recent annual ORRCA whale census brings a story of hope for the magnificent creatures and our oceans. Record numbers of humpbacks were spotted, sparking predictions that over 35,000 will pass our shores this year. Numbers have been steadily increasing since the end of commercial whaling in 1963. Read more on ABC News here.

Where do you stand? sampled the attitudes of a group of about 50 people, mostly professionals, to find out their willingness to helping the environment. The outcomes were fascinating, in some respects very encouraging and in others, point to a lot more work being required by organisations like to provide awareness and encouragement to reach a tipping point overall.

Nesting Boxes a Winner for

Timber boxes with infrared detectors and radio communications are creating hope for some of the country’s most vulnerable species in an Australian-first pilot program. In a world first, real time data and tracking are providing insights that allow for better outcomes almost immediately! are excited to work with Jack and acquire his amazing nest boxes.

Collaborate on a school mural & #Connect_to_Country

Artist Bibi Barba, a First Nation’s elder and cultural warrior, helps connect school kids to country and nature by sharing beautiful stories. Listen to our BEATS podcast with Bibi.

Artist Bibi Barba

Finally – Take Action!

If you are as passionate about our threatened and endangered species as we are then please help as challenge the status quo.

The Albanese government is currently rewriting our national nature laws for the first time in over 20 years.

This is our big chance to create strong new laws to stop the destruction and restore wildlife, land and seascapes. Join our call for strong nature laws that:


  • Genuinely protect and restore nature
    ensure the community has a legal voice in standing up for nature truly value and respect the rights, knowledge and cultures of First Nations Peoples.
  • We will soon have a direct connection to act from our website
  • In the meantime, the Wilderness Society have an email to Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek MP all set up for you to send.
  • Please personalise it to avoid automatic rejection, but remember your voice added to thousands of others counts!