Land regeneration heroes

We honour those heroes who own land and are making a difference. Protecting and preserving our habitats and ecosystems is essential to the survival of all wildlife, and every acre left unexploited safeguards native animals that desperately need our help to survive. In additional every farmed acre that gets converted to regenerative farming techniques increases biodiversity and the ability of flora and fauna to exist alongside our human endeavours.

The role of private lands has now become an integral part of the solution, and private landholders with a concern for wildlife and habitat protection are in the unique and important position to make a very real contribution to conservation efforts across the country. We foresee the day when they are the biggest force in saving our unique flora and fauna.

Established Heroes

We honour our established heroes who are often global leaders in their field, deploying creativity, tenacity, resilience and boundless energy. They play an exceptional role in saving our flora and fauna.

Our established heroes are often charities that have been created and led by exceptional leaders with vision, commitment and drive. Many have had to navigate the bureaucracy and challenges of setting up facilities and structures with very limited resources. They often support particular species or fields of flora and fauna that are in trouble or a particular geographical area that is struggling. Some may have received local or international recognition, however we are at wish to recognise their monumental contribution.