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Biodiversity, Endangered and Threatened Species


National Sustainability Education Survey 2023 and AAEE are running a new survey to determine how well sustainability is supported and delivered in schools nationally.

The Beats and AAEE Biodiversity survey


Get your hands dirty and take part in fun group activities that are environmentally rich. Discover the biodiversity, endangered and threatened species in your area!

Anthropomorphism Campaign

We’re starting a marketing campaign to highlight biodiversity challenges in Australia using generative AI technologies for social good.

An AI generated photo of a Koala in khaki clothing sitting, with a small tent in the background. A hashtag caption in the foreground reads # no koala left behind.

Featured Story

Welcome to our first newsletter where we give you an update on what has been up to and share stories that inspire, inform or call for action. A massive thank you as your actions in attending a BEATS event has resulted in the first Koala spotting! See our feature article on Trees4Nature article below.

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One million minds

Will you help us beat the drum to inform 1,000,000 minds of Australia’s huge and ever-increasing list of threatened species? Join us and ‘get your hands dirty’ in one of our campaigns.

Contact us if you would like to help us, or if you are doing some amazing things and want us to beat your drum. We’re at the start of an essential journey to turn around.