An injured galah taught me that what makes something beautiful is also what makes it fragile | Natasha May

Perhaps it’s naive not to imagine that all of life itself is about accepting the fragility of how easily things break

We turned off the highway, headed down the road which leads to the pub and saw the pink little fellow hovering near his mate, who was dead by the side of the road.

Having moved to the country a little over a month ago, I was still getting used to the frequency of spotting creatures on the shoulders of western New South Wales’s arteries.

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Daniel Andrews was a visionary leader on climate change but neglected Victoria’s natural environment | Jono La Nauze

The former premier who resigned on Tuesday introduced comprehensive climate legislation but his obstruction of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan deprived native fish and birds of clean rivers

When historians look back at the legacy of Daniel Andrews, one thing he will be remembered for is climate leadership. In nine years, his government took one of the dirtiest energy systems in the world, responsible for the vast bulk of Victoria’s greenhouse pollution, and put it on a fast track to zero emissions.

Those same students of political history may also notice an absence, even a neglect, of the extraordinary natural environment that makes Victoria the place we all love. As premier, Andrews was always keen for big ticket projects involving concrete and steel, but fell short when it came to protecting wildlife and habitats of plants and animals, including in the Murray-Darling Basin.

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