One million minds
Get in touch if you’d like to help us. Contact us if you are doing some amazing things and need our help to beat your drum. We’re at the start of an essential journey to turn around.


At our purpose is to share knowledge around Biodiversity, Endangered And Threatened Species in Australia. We intend to inform a million minds in the next three years about what can be done, what is being done and what must get done to stem Australia’s appalling track record in mismanaging our flora and fauna.

We will do this by collating, analysing, researching and sharing the challenges facing our biodiverse, endangered and threatened species in Australia. See our research [coming soon].


Our team of passionate volunteers has a broad range of skills and experience across environmental sciences, education, business management, communication and storytelling, research, data sciences, technology and digital expertise as well as student voluntary services.

As such, we are both grateful and recognise that those who contribute their time, knowledge and resources in support of purpose, do so willingly alongside other aspects of their lives.

Tommy is a Deloitte Partner in the Cyber Strategy and Governance practice in Australia having previously worked extensively in the UK and Southern African practices.

Tommy Viljoen


John is a master storyteller, using his unique brand, “Leadership Safaris”, to tell African animal fables that deliver key business and life messages in highly engaging keynote and workshop experiences.

John Carroll


Experienced, committed, insightful communications and corporate affairs practitioner, with the privilege of having worked with some of the most able business leaders nationally and internationally.

Louise Denver

Communications Lead

WHAT WE ARE DOING team is developing information to be used by educators, communicators, conservationists, communities and others to inform, inspire and engage help to stem the threat to our flora and fauna.

Our initial focus will be in schools where we will highlight the issues. We will also amplify the work being done by the many unsung BEATS heroes in Australia, supporting them to be heard and thrive.

See our events and activities [coming soon].


We will hold our ourselves and our leaders accountable for improving Australia’s BEATS track record until our nature flourishes sustainably and our work is no longer required.


At we:

  1. Respect our natural world
  2. Act to conserve and further sustain our natural world
  3. Take a scientifically informed approach
  4. Recognise and amplify the good work of other like-minded people and organisations
  5. Act with respect and positivity in all situations. CULTURE

We are open and constructive in our discussions and communicate accordingly both within and outside the organisation.

We operate in a spirit of respectful co-operation and positivity. Our intention is always to share, to win hearts and minds, and to communicate knowledge and expertise.

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Photo: Anemones by Tommy Viljoen