Australia is at its best when it keeps the collective in sight. The way we move forward with electrification will either wire us together, or deepen isolation

In 2021, the publisher of my book The Big Switch arranged a hectic book tour, in two chunks, on the east and south coasts of this continent. I didn’t want to fly; since my book was about why we need to electrify everything to address climate change, I wanted to drive an electric car so I could experience first-hand the practical limitations of the national charging network. This was going to mean many hours driving between towns, not to mention hours waiting for the car to charge. I hit upon the idea of spending that time with my mother, Pamela, whom I’d seen less than I would have liked after 25 or so years living in the US.

Everywhere we went, we met smart, practical people who showed up already engaged and knowledgable about this crusade: the need to electrify everything, backed by renewables, to address climate heating and keep our Earth livable.

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