I will always be grateful to have benefited from his sage advice and example of standing up for what you believe in

Peter Cundall is known to most Australians as a lovable gardening guru but to those of us who have fought for decades for the protection of Tasmania’s environment, he was so much more. He had a deep love of nature and was not only a champion of Tasmania’s wilderness, magnificent native forests, rivers and farmlands, he was also an outspoken champion of local people fighting for the places they love against what he saw as the state’s endemic crony capitalism.

I first heard him speak at the Crotty Road protest in 1983 during the campaign against the Franklin Dam, and again at the protests against the logging of the Lemonthyme. He was a great communicator: passionate, direct, warm, funny and fierce – leaving people inspired and ready to take action. Unlike many in the public eye, he had the courage of his convictions and was prepared to use his TV celebrity status to boost environmental campaigns.

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