Select one of the following five options in each block using the number attributed to it. When finished, for a bit of fun, add up your numbers to determine if you generally like animals and nature, you’re quite good but have your limits, you’re an enthusiastic supporter or an absolute fanatic!

1I have a fear or dislike of birds
2Birds are OK and I know my Lorikeets from my Kookaburras
3I can tell a difference between a Magpie and a Currawong
4I know the names of almost all the birds in my area
5I am a Twitcher and I have identified hundreds of birds
1I don’t like furry things – big or small
2I like my animals and I know the difference between my Koalas and my Kangaroos
3I know the difference between Wallabies and Kangaroos
4I can name at least 20 different types of Australian mammals
5I am an animal fanatic and regularly study and research their habits. I work with animals
1Trees are a nuisance especially when it comes to views
2I like my trees and can tell the difference between a gum tree and a pine tree
3I can name at least three types of Eucalypts
4I know the names of at least half the trees within a kilometre of me
5I know my trees and which ones will provide me food or medicine
1I stay away from flowers. I may be allergic
2Flowers are nice and I sometimes buy them or pick them
3I have a rough idea of which are the indigenous flowers and which are exotic flowers in my area
4I can recognise and name at least 10 Australian wildflower types
5I study wild flowers and know which ones provide me food or medicine
1I hate crawly things and often kill the ones I don’t like
2Insects are ok as long as they are outside
3Insects have a role to play. I respect them and I leave them alone
4I actively encourage and attract certain insects to my gardens my garden would do if I had a garden
5I study and research insects
1Reptiles such as snakes and frogs creep me out
2Reptiles are ok as long as they stay away from me
3If I see a reptile in trouble I will move it or call for help
4I actively encourage reptiles such as frogs or snakes in my garden or would do if I had a garden
5I keep or research reptiles
1Australia has lots of land – so what?
2I regularly go to the parks and local reserves and appreciate the need for them
3I recognise the land set aside for farming another human activity is out of balance with land set aside to support nature
4I actively plant plants in my garden to attract nature or regularly work in gardens or parks that attract nature
5I actively invest in or physically support land restoration work on rewilding activities
1Nature in annoying and belongs outside
2I like plants in my house but spiders are not welcome
3I’m not fussed about plants and most insects in my house
4I actively encourage plants and insects in my house
5There is little difference between the inside of my house and the outdoors. Wild animals regularly frequent inside
1My pets are my business
2My pets generally stay within my house or garden
3I have taken active steps to put bells or other devices on my pets to warn other animals of their presence
4I am aware that close to 80% of extinction of our Australian animals are due to pets either at home or running wild. I make sure my pets do not attack wildlife
5I actively participate in events to help manage feral animal populations
1What is that?
2Mistletoe is used as a decoration at Christmas under which lovers are expected to kiss
3Australia has its own types of mistletoe
4Mistletoe is a semi parasite and Australia has more than 90 different species of mistletoe
5In Victoria they have discovered a symbiotic relationship between mistletoe and local trees and are actively attaching mistletoe to the trees to allow them to thrive
5-15It’s my life and I will live it how I like
16-25I know I generally like animals and nature but they are not a big focus in my life
26-35I’m quite good with my attention to nature but I do have my limits and I could do more
36-45I am an enthusiastic supporter of nature but I am no an expert. I know we need to get the balance right between us as humans and our animals and plants
46-50I am a nature fanatic and love learning and researching more about nature. I’m at one with nature and in balance with my environment

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