We are beating the drum to inform 1,000,000 minds that there are more than 1300 flora and 500 fauna on the threatened species list in Australia. This list is longer than any other country’s and it’s growing at an accelerating pace.

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Podcast Episode 2
A Connection with Nature with Guy Williams

Ecologist, primatologist and director of biodiversity and nature, Guy Michael Williams, connects us to the forest, delights us with stories of nature, and strategies that can work for all of us wanting to save the planet.

Podcast Episode 1
Beating the Drum with Dr. Anika Molesworth

Farmer, agroecologist, citizen scientist, and the 2015 Young Farmer of the Year, Dr Anika Molesworth, shares how agriculture can really support biodiversity and is a huge part of how we can tackle climate change as well. She’s also a great storyteller.